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LED Book Light

LED Book Light

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Discover what it's like to easily read in the dark...

It's truly impossible to sleep well if the novel's surprising story is yet to be completed. 

But what if you're reading and your roommate asks you to turn off the light?

Do you wait for the next day to complete the story?

Nope – we're here to help you relish with literature at any time.

Get our Flat Book Light and read whenever you want without switching on the room light.

What you'll get

  • Easy reading: This book light illuminates the page to help you read without any interruption. Lexi glass panel ensures that the page does not shrink and displays the correct font size for convenient reading.
  • Read wherever you like: Portable to place in the bag and keep with yourself at any place. Whenever you desire to read, place this glass light on your book and start reading with extreme ease. 
  • No disturbance for others: This glass light only illuminates the book and doesn’t brighten up the whole surroundings. It enables you to read your favorite book while laying next to your sleeping partner and without causing any disturbance.
  • Long battery time: You won't have to worry about charging this book light while you're reading because three AAA batteries power it. Just replace them when the light starts to get dim and you will have a brand new glass light.

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